Group retirement plans done differently

We know "business as usual" is not good enough for your employees. This is why we developed a better way of providing plans. As a fiduciary, we put your employees first and help them prepare for a sustainable retirement with simplified investing and a focus on financial literacy.

The traditional approach is broken

More and more Canadians nowadays are ill-equipped for retirement.
While insufficient contributions are a major problem, five fundamental flaws 
in traditional plan design further impact their ability to retire well.

Complicated investment decisions

Although many Canadians lack the expertise needed to make investment decisions, they are expected to select their investment options out of an extensive fund menu. This often results in them investing in unsuitable funds.

Limited Financial Literacy

Not only are they expected to make investment selections, they are often not offered adequate educational resources.

Conflicts of interest

Many providers include their own proprietary products in the investments offered to plan members. Their representatives are registered to give 'advice', but are often incentivized to promote in-house investments.

Lack of service

Small and medium-sized group retirement plans tend to be ignored by traditional providers. Rather than having a dedicated Account Manager who meets with them regularly, plan sponsors and members are often merely given a customer service number to call.

Fees are high & hidden 

If only we had a nickel for every time someone told us ‘my provider doesn’t charge me fees.' Those fees are often poorly disclosed. Many providers charge high multilayered fees that can have a significant negative impact on retirement savings.

Our solution

We focus on your employees by delivering a superior service experience & educational support where every plan member is unburdened from the need to make complex investment decisions with a team of registered portfolio managers who do that for them.

We do this as their fiduciary with zero conflicts of interest and fully disclosed fees that are some of the lowest in the industry.

Stand out as an employer by offering a professionally managed group retirement plan. 

Ready to offer your employees a retirement plan they’ll love?

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