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Advisors and Consultants

Empower your clients with first class wealth management provided cost-effectively and on a fiduciary basis  

Why Canadian Advisors and Consultants work with us

Reduced administrative burden

Our Investment team proactively manages  your clients’ portfolios freeing you to focus on other value-added services.

Service excellence

Do your clients complain about sub-par service from their provider?We are here to make sure that never happens again with a dedicated client relations team and customized service models.  

Regulatory compliance

As your trusted partner, we can help you meet regulatory requirements.

Competitive fees

As an institutional manager, we are able to access funds at low institutional prices. The cost savings of buying in bulk are passed on directly to your clients.

Open Access’ Group Retirement Plan Options

Open Access can work with you and your client to custom-design a retirement plan to meet their needs.


Defined Contribution Pension Plan


Group Retirement Savings Plan


Deferred Profit Sharing Plan


Defined Benefit Pension Plan


Group Tax-Free Savings Account


Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Our Philosophy

Open Access is guided by the belief that all working Canadians, deserve to retire well. 

As a fiduciary, we are obligated to service the best interests of our plan members. We encourage advisors and consultants who share our beliefs to reach out to us to determine if together, we can offer your clients a better retirement outcome. 

Find out how we can work better together.

Contact us today to explore a rewarding partnership opportunity.

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