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Hassle-free investing.

Once enrolled, members fill out a 15-question investor profile form. Based on the results of this questionnaire, members are assigned to a portfolio that best meets their unique investment needs. That’s it! The rest is taken care of by our investment management team.


At least annually, members are reminded to refresh their investor profile so that important changes are recorded and reflected in their portfolio.

Real people, real results.

We have human portfolio managers taking care of your money, not just an algorithm. We believe this is the best approach to navigating markets and producing strong performance over time.

We’ve got your back.

Open Access is a true fiduciary – we treat your hard-earned savings as if it is our own. In fact, employees at Open Access invest alongside clients in the exact same strategies! We pay the same fund fees, and realize the same performance. All investment decisions are based purely on its merits. We don’t own any investment products, and we don’t accept any referral fees or fund commissions. 

We are 100% conflict-free and fully disclose ALL fees.

Investment Philosophy


Discretionary Management

We unburden our clients from having to make investment decisions and instead actively manage portfolios on their behalf. We monitor the markets for opportunities and risks, so our clients can focus on what matters to them.

Systematic, not Reactionary

Based on a clearly defined investment process, our investment team regularly adjusts the portfolio asset mix. We take the emotion out of investing by focusing on fundamentals, not the latest headlines.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

By focusing on managing risk as opposed to maximizing short-term returns, we are able to produce superior risk-adjusted returns crucial to successfully growing retirement savings.

Best-in-Class Asset Managers

Our due diligence process holds asset managers accountable. Many funds are considered, although only the ones offering the best fit for clients are chosen.


Our Fund Managers

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