Open a Tax-Free Savings Account 

As an Open Access plan member, you now have the opportunity to set up a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and benefit from the same professional investment management you currently have for your retirement plan.


Why sign up?

Short, medium and long term savings

We all know saving for retirement is important, but what about saving for short and medium-term goals such as vacations, new vehicles, home improvements etc.?

A TFSA with Open Access is a great way to do just that.

Tax-free Investing

A TFSA allows you to grow your savings without paying any taxes on investment returns.

Competitive Fees  

As an Open Access plan member, you will benefit from lower than average fees.

Flexible Savings Plan   

With a TFSA, you will have more flexibility to withdraw money periodically without being subject to any tax penalties.

Sign-up now!


Check with your employer to make sure they have agreed to make TFSAs available. Depending on their agreement with Open Access, you may be able to  either sign up for payroll deductions or for voluntary contributions through pre-authorized debit. 

Select the option that applies to you and email the completed forms to

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